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We have developed Banking Kids Web Pages for community banks to assist in customer recognition and retention. By starting at an early age, you can develop a fun and educational relationship with young customers that will grow into a lifelong bond.

Our modules are organized into three separate suites; PreSchool, Elementary and Teens.

PreSchool uses games, puzzles & coloring to teach basic money recognition. It introduces banks and ATMs-places where the child sees the parent using money.

Elementary goes to the next step of banking relationships and how they work e.g.: To get money out there has to be money in. Here through puzzles, games and activities the child learns about savings accounts, depositing and tellers.

Teens go on into checking accounts up through statement reconciliation, continuing the fun based process.

Developing a kid's web site for an individual community bank would cost thousands of dollars. We are offering these Flash enhanced web pages on an annual lease basis of $ 400.00 per suite or $ 1,000.00 for all three suites.

To place your order go to our Subscription Order Form.

On receipt of your payment, we will enhance the Banking Kids page with logos from your bank web site. In addition if you will send a photograph of your main branch we will make a coloring page out of it.

Once the subscription is in place, the subscriber may request a CD of Banking Kids graphics for advertising purposes.

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