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MLA style: “SoftPoint Inc. announces new software release.” The Free Library. 1995 Business Wire 29 Jul. announces new software release. (2014). 24, 1995SoftPoint Inc. (BSE:SFT) unveiled “SoftPoint 95,” the company’s new innovative suite of integrated solutions for specialty retailers at the National Retail Federation (NRF) Show in New York, attended by 15,000 retail industry decision makers.

This nextgeneration software

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platform, titled “SoftPoint 95,” contains an enhanced version of SoftPoint’s POS system, which has received additional functionality. Additionally, newly designed software for

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instore processors, communications, frontend communications, host processing and corporate host systems were introduced.

This release positions SoftPoint to address the entire spectrum of specialty retail management information needs from pointofsale through instore collection and dissemination of storelevel management information to transmittal of filtered pertinent data to a SoftPoint corporate host system or other disparate systems.

Presentations to leading

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international retailers at the NRF show validate SoftPoint’s analysis that the “SoftPoint 95” release will facilitate wider penetration into existing accounts and prospects, and allow the company’s national sales force to actively compete for enterprisewide business in retail accounts seeking full turnkey vendor involvement.

The company anticipates a higher closing ratio and increased sales

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due to the comprehensive functionality/price point never before available in the retail marketplace.

SoftPoint develops and market software and hardware pointofsale cash register solutions for the retail industry, as well as for the fast food industry.

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