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Am I right or am I right

MLA style: “Jonsberg, Barry. Am I right or am I right?.” The Free Library. 2007 Kliatt 29 Jul. Jonsberg, Barry. Am I right or am I right?. (2014). Am I right or am I right? Random House, Knopf. 240p. c2005. 97890375836374. $15.99. This second book has a lot in common with a standup comedy routine, with each page filled with humorous images and oneliners. Calma is the narrator. She is brilliant and a knowitall (hence the title). She lives alone with her hardworking mother; she has one friend, Vanessa. One day at the local convenience store, when she is buying some feminine products, she meets a cute new boy at the cash register. This is enough for her to apply for a parttime job at the same place. Her father decides to come back into her life, but she holds him off. She discovers her mother is leading a secret life; she is afraid for Vanessa’s safety when she sees bruises and cuts on her bodythat’s the basic plot. But it’s the almost overthetop humor that makes this story what it is. Here are some samples”It felt like I was confronting a charging rhinoceros with a koala for backup.” About wearing contact lenses: “Every time I blinked I felt like confessing to crimes I hadn’t committed.”

The language is occasionally earthy, with obscenities here and there, which might

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limit the book for middle school libraries, but it certainly would be fine for YA sections in public libraries. Calma is exasperating but


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Cash Register original. Her comments about soccer (after watching one game on TV to impress Jason) are impressive”Getting injured at soccer is drastic, if shortlived. I mean, these guys react as if they’re in the last stages of disembowelment, but within moments they are running around again, locks flowing and chiseled features intact.”

The humor and Calma herself tend to hold the reader at arm’s lengthshe is difficult to get close to and care about. Still,

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this book will be amusing for many readers. Claire Rosser, KLIATT

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